7 Things to Know About Marijuana Legalization in Arizona

Arizonans voted for the legalization of recreational marijuana this past election. With the passage of Prop 207, individuals 21 years and older can legally consume it. Now, since marijuana has been legalized, you need to read the fine print of the law.

Attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta gives you the low-down:

1.-Marijuana will be allowed in low quantities: Adults 21 years or older will be able to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. Similarly, for concentrated form, no more than 5 grams.

2.-You need to wait. Individuals should not buy just now. The law will start kicking-in November the 30th, 2020. Dispensaries need to update licenses by April 20th, 2020. In conclusion, just wait until the legal landscape clears.

3.-Adults can grow marijuana plants. An adult can grow 6 marijuana plants or up to 12 plants for a 2 or more adults household.

4.-Individuals with past convictions may be able to clean their records. This new law is great news and an indirect form of justice reform. First, starting July 12th, those convicted or sentenced for possessing two and a half grams of marijuana or less, can petition to have their records expunged. Moreover, this opportunity applies to related charges such as marijuana paraphernalia.

5.-Driving under the influence (DUI) remains a crime. If you are smoking, driving and you are impaired to the “slightest degree” you can be criminally charged. Just treat marijuana as you would alcohol, consume in moderation, and be responsible.

6.-Workplaces and institutions can declare drug free environments. This extends to prospective employees. Check your workplace’s policies.

7.- Finally, marijuana use is illegal at the Federal level. This is very relevant for non-citizens. This consideration is for undocumented persons, DACA recipients, legal permanent residents (green card holders), or even tourists.

The law has more detail to it. Be cautious and responsible.

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