Advance Medical Directives

The global pandemic due to COVID19 has changed our lives in so many ways. Most health care systems around the world were not prepared for the deluge of patients that overcrowed their facilities, forcing doctors and nurses to make life and death decisions for the patients.

Many of us are quarantined in our homes, while the essential workers in diverse professions risk their health to keep everybody afloat. As some parts of the world start to plan for opening back for business, the risks of an increase in the pandemic, and its effect on us must not be taken lightly.

One thing that does not change is the need to be prepared for any eventuality and advance directives are something to consider, especially now given the possibility of contracting the virus and needing precious medical resources. As our dear friend journalist and writer, Terry Greene Sterling wrote in the title of an opinion piece, “No one wants to think about dying. But now may be a good time to get an advance directive.”

Read the article here, and an audio piece here of Terry’s article.

As Terry stated in her piece, the elaboration of an advance directive gives you control over the end of your life so you can go from this world under your own terms, liberating your family members and the hospitals on taking decisions you may not approve. In a crisis, advanced directives may also relieve the burden, moral and legal, from doctors and health care workers in terms of allocating scarce resources among people with low chances of survival, to others with a better outlook.

In your directives, you must consider the cost (physically, emotionally, and financially) of medical procedures, quality of life, your comfort as well as the alternative uses of the medical resources.

The Secretary of State in Arizona has samples of the paperwork and instructions to prepare medical advance directives. You should consult with your attorney to get a comprehensive approach to how you want to live the rest of your days in your terms.

Medical advance directives should be a part of a comprehensive package of documents related to your life decisions including wills, trusts, and others more specific to your particular situation such as intellectual property, and business management after your passing or you become incapacitated.

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