Avengers, Beauty and Guardians of the Galaxy Facing the Court

Thanks, Bhavini Mistry for your collaboration.

Movie companies Paramount Pictures, Fox, and Disney were sued for copyright infringement by Rearden LLC for using their MOVA “facial motion-capture technology” in their box-office winning films Marvel’s Avengers, Beauty and the Beast, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rearden LLC believes that these movies have used their technology without consent and should be confiscated or even destroyed. They also claim that they own the output of their facial software program.

The potential issue that arose if this claim had proceeded, then “authors who used Microsoft Word” for their book and “artists that use Adobe Photoshop” don’t have ownership of their own work.

The judge ruled in favor of the studios and rejected Rearden’s copyright claims. Although, this doesn’t stop Rearden from accusing these companies over for “contributory infringement” which refers to knowledge of the copyright violation and therefore a contributor to the infringement.

A common example of this is online piracy of music and movies that provide users to illegally download music or movies through websites. There have been no further details nor updates of this new accusation in this lawsuit.

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