Any restaurant, bar owner has to understand some business basics to function and thrive. Among the basic knowledge add an elementary understanding of intellectual property and trademarks. First of all, do not infringe on other’s intellectual creations. Intellectual property and trademark infringement can lead to costly lawsuits that small businesses may not be able to fight. Ultimately, it can destroy the restaurant or bar. Infringing Viacom’s Intellectual Property Here is a recent example. A downtown
Desde el 12 de julio, residentes de Arizona pueden limpiar algunas condenas y antecedentes penales relacionados con la marihuana, gracias a la aprobación de la Proposición 207. Esta propuesta se llama Ley Inteligente y Segura de Arizona. Los votantes de Arizona aprobaron la Propuesta 207 en Noviembre de 2020. La propuesta despenalizó el uso de marihuana con fines recreativos (en ciertas cantidades)*. Además, esta ley permite la eliminación o cancelación de antecedentes penales por ciertos
Since July 12th, 2021, Arizona residents can clean some marijuana-related convictions, thanks to the passage of Proposition 207. This proposition is called the Smart and Safe Arizona Act. Arizona voters passed prop 207 last November 2020. The proposition decriminalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. In addition, this allows the expungement of past records for certain low-level offenses. We already blogged about this issue some months ago. Follow this link for more info. What
Now that marijuana has been approved for recreational purposes in states such as Arizona, edible cannabis companies are creating products and trying to be creative. However, some are copying established candy brands’ look and feel. This is not cute, funny, or creative, but those companies are in fact violating long-standing trademarks. They can be sued. Big time. We explain. Brands, Trademarks and Packaging Some marijuana companies are packing edibles in wrappers that resemble candies such
Attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta has been fighting false TV piracy lawsuits against powerful opponents. Most bars, restaurants, barbers, and salon owners are not knowledgeable about copyrights, TV piracy, or intellectual property rights. Especially immigrant-led businesses in small strip malls. This lack of IP law knowledge makes them the target of unscrupulous firms. You can read about our actions fighting false TV piracy lawsuits following links here and here Tool Kit Download the took kit here.
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