Filing the paperwork to start a business in the USA is relatively easy. Future business owners have a menu of options that includes LLCs, C-corps, etc. to consider. Yet, any entrepreneurs ask: Which is the best to start a business? The process can be straightforward most of the time. However, business owners need to know the different obligations that regulatory agencies impose when creating a legal entity. Limited Liability Corporations or LLCs The easiest way
USA Counts have authority against copyright violators in Russia
For many creators in the USA, defending their copyrights on the internet is frustrating, especially from sites abroad. However, a USA appellate court ruled against copyright violators from Russia. Certainly, some countries do not defend copyrights or other forms of intellectual property as the USA does. So this may be an encouraging news for creators. On June 26, 2020, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit issued an opinion on the case UGM
In general, individuals file a trademark to use it, not to lose it. The objective is to protect a brand, name, logo, slogan, or any kind of trade dress that represents products or services. However, there are some instances of trademark-squatters, or individuals who create trademarks to wait for an opportunity to use them in the future. Others are hoping to sell them forward. We wrote about trademark squatting just weeks ago. Follow this link
Succesful trademark filing! Mezcal Carreno

Trademark: Is the USPTO Filing Expensive?

We get you. You are careful with your expenses and your company’s cash flow. You want to evaluate if your investment is going to be productive and will help your business. Is filing a trademark expensive? Should I file a trademark with the venerable United States Patent and Trademark Office? Some businesses do not make it a priority. But that may be a big mistake. Let us be clear. Trademark protection is vital for your
trademarks and covid
Arizona State University (ASU) got into a trademark infringement fight against the owner of the Instagram account “asu_covid.parties”. They also issued a lawsuit against the social media platform Facebook, Instagram’s parent company. Can they do that? Yes, they can. And they are. COVID Parties What is a COVID party? Some media have reported students organizing parties without social distancing and face masks. To add recklessness, hosts invite people infected with COVID19. It is a wicked
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