How to build a great trademark? Novle, Community Activators can show many businesses how to create a brand that can be protectable, becoming a superb trademark. What is Novle? Novle, Community Activators™ is a firm beyond traditional marketing services. Carlos Velasco is its founder and CEO. Novle seeks to connect businesses and organizations with the community creating meaningful and long-lasting relationships. Brands vs. Trademarks First of all, what is the difference between a brand and
Attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta has fought sports copyright Infringement lawsuits against powerful opponents. It’s a niche knowledge that few attorneys have, but he is sharing. Most of these costly lawsuits take place in small mom-and-pop bars and restaurants. These lawsuits may destroy the businesses. Let Marcos explain how this happens. A restaurant broadcasts an event such as soccer matches and boxing events due to some request from a potential customer when the establishment does not have
The metaverse
The Metaverse is coming into your life. Brand owners are getting ready to jump at the opportunity to participate in the Metaverse and cash on the virtual world. They are also getting ready to protect their trademarks. Make no mistake about it. For the most part, we are talking about the big firms. Think about Facebook, which changed its corporate name to Meta. Disney, Hyundai, and Nike, to name a few, are also staking a
Business owners need to be the Swiss knife of professionals. They need to understand the business they are in and the many issues that affect and surround it. One of those items is commercial real estate lease contracts. Business owners must know the basics of commercial lease contracts to avoid unsavory experiences. Residential vs. Commercial Real Estate Notably, commercial real estate lease contracts are different than residential contracts. Business owners may find it surprising that they
The American judicial system allows individuals to represent themselves in court. But, can a business owner represent her or his company in court? The simple answer is, no. You probably have read on the news about individuals representing themselves pro per in court. Pro per or Pro ser is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase “in propria persona.” It means “in their own person,” While this self-representation in court is accepted, it is not recommended, since
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