Now that marijuana has been approved for recreational purposes in states such as Arizona, edible cannabis companies are creating products and trying to be creative. However, some are copying established candy brands’ look and feel. This is not cute, funny, or creative, but those companies are in fact violating long-standing trademarks. They can be sued. Big time. We explain. Brands, Trademarks and Packaging Some marijuana companies are packing edibles in wrappers that resemble candies such
Attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta has been fighting false TV piracy lawsuits against powerful opponents. Most bars, restaurants, barbers, and salon owners are not knowledgeable about copyrights, TV piracy, or intellectual property rights. Especially immigrant-led businesses in small strip malls. This lack of IP law knowledge makes them the target of unscrupulous firms. You can read about our actions fighting false TV piracy lawsuits following links here and here Tool Kit Download the took kit here.
sport bars and IP
Most people do not know, but intellectual property theft is real. The general public needs to know private investigators protect owners against IP theft. Even the US government gets involved in IP protection. What is Intellectual Property Theft? The FBI states Intellectual property theft involves robbing persons or companies of their ideas, inventions, and/or creative expressions. The concept may be a little vague because there are several types of intellectual property: Those types of intellectual
Operating Agreements for businesses
Some legal documents are too important to ignore. One of those is an Operating Agreement. This is especially important for a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) with more than one owner. Basically, this document will be like a prenuptial agreement. Why? Creating a business with a partner or partners is just like marriage: You may enter this relationship hoping for the best but a written OA will be preparing you for the worst, aiming to protect
Independently of the size of their business, owners must pay attention to the trademark basics. Many business owners dedicate efforts and money to branding, but without the trademark protection, others can steal the brand. Without careful research, your branding may be infringing on other’s property. Here are the Trademark Basics. Trademarks are identifiers of your company, product, or service. These identifiers can be a logo, a name, or a slogan. For example, when you buy
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