A lot of people, citizens and immigrants alike, are worried about the events taking place in the last few weeks with respect at new immigration directives from the government as well as new enforcement. This is a very fluid stage and you can expect more changes. But as of today this is a quick update on where we stand and what you should be looking for.Travel Ban Original travel ban faced a lot of court
There is a lot of ruckus around the Trump family business assets and the way they may benefit with the exposure they are having globally now that Donald Trump is president of the most powerful country in the world.Donald Trump has built his recent empire, after several failures that led to bankruptcies, in letting others use his name. He holds no hard assets, and he makes money by charging others for the right to associate
​Haz obtenido el sueño Americano creando tu propio negocio, generas riqueza, empleas gente, pagas impuestos. Sin embargo, estas sin documentos migratorios. Qué hacer si llegas a ser detenida o no eres capaz de seguir manejando tu negocio?En casos de servicios simples, donde es más bien un autoempleo que un negocio en si, el negocio se acaba o se detiene sin ti. En otras situaciones donde tienes un local, gente trabajando para ti, y clientes que
Si usted corre el riesgo de ser detenido o deportado por las autoridades migratorias, debe de tomar acciones proactivas para poder lograr de que su familia se encuentre segura, especialmente los menores.Esto involucra el tener documentos relevantes de su familia en un lugar donde puedan echarle mano si el momento de partir llega.Si usted es detenido, alguien tiene que hacerse cargo de sus hijos menores de edad. Tenga una carta poder dando autorización a alguien
You have a great product or service. You have created great designs, photos, graphics, or brands. Now you see them in somebody’s else social media, and they are passing them as theirs. You are angry, upset. What can you do?Welcome to the world of online take downs. Most social media sites have procedures in place to help you protect your Intellectual Property. In some cases it may be hidden in the website, but they are
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