We are inspired by the efforts of the maker and “hacker” community in the efforts to create open-source Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the COVID19 pandemic. Most of these creators are young people with abilities in laser cutting and 3D printing devices at home who are turning their apartments and homes into small PPE production lines. In an effort to help them provide this emergency manufacturing with some legal tools, we are sharing a release
There are a lot of people of goodwill in the USA and the world making emergency supplies and equipment to protect against COVID-19. These actions are laudable and are a community response to the threat of flooding of cases of COVID-19 in hospitals. But we must keep in mind that the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) and regulatory agencies in the world have protocols for approving equipment and supplies. The manufacturing places/sites have to
There is controversy about how the generation of intellectual property should be handled in the case of a national pandemic. Some are trying to assert and defend the role of private businesses to protect their discoveries and developments of test kits, vaccines, masks, ventilators or other products. In his address from the Rose Garden on March 13th, Trump’s team emphasized the role of private companies to develop solutions for the pandemic. Others are taking an
La transmisión del nuevo coronavirus o COVID-19 en comunidades de todo el mundo y los Estados Unidos está causando interrupciones en la forma en que se llevan a cabo los negocios. Es imposible ahora viajar a lugares como Italia, China y Corea del Sur, y a nivel nacional, viajar a lugares como Seattle, Washington no es muy recomendable. En los Estados Unidos, el condado de King en el estado de Washington, es el lugar con
The transmission of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 in communities across the world and the United States is starting to cause disruptions in the way business is conducted. You can not longer visit places like Italy, China, and South Korea, and nationally, it is not advisable to go to Seattle, Washington for a vacation. In the USA, King County in Washington State is the place with more COVID19 cases and more fatalities. Disruptions on the
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