In general, individuals file a trademark to use it, not to lose it. The objective is to protect a brand, name, logo, slogan, or any kind of trade dress that represents products or services. However, there are some instances of trademark-squatters, or individuals who create trademarks to wait for an opportunity to use them in the future. Others are hoping to sell them forward. We wrote about trademark squatting just weeks ago. Follow this link
Succesful trademark filing! Mezcal Carreno

Trademark: Is the USPTO Filing Expensive?

We get you. You are careful with your expenses and your company’s cash flow. You want to evaluate if your investment is going to be productive and will help your business. Is filing a trademark expensive? Should I file a trademark with the venerable United States Patent and Trademark Office? Some businesses do not make it a priority. But that may be a big mistake. Let us be clear. Trademark protection is vital for your
trademarks and covid
This time we are writing this blog about something close to home. The Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR), the governing body for Arizona State University (ASU), issued a federal lawsuit against the owner of the social media account “asu_covid.parties”. This individual claimed to organize “COVID parties”. The lawsuit is also against the social media platform Facebook. The account was originally created in Instagram. Facebook is Instagram’s parent company. The account had 23 posts and 970

Trademark Squatting. The Washington Redskins Confronts A Squatter

Martin McCaulay saw the future coming. He suspected that the NFL franchise “Washington Redskins” will eventually replace its trademark. In 2019, McCaulay filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) dozens of trademarks applications the team may use to substitute the racially controversial name.  He filed for “Washington Pigskins,” “Washington Bravehearts”, “Washington Monuments,” and more. Offensive and racist brands are on their way out, even as the Supreme Court expanded the limits of
We say it often: Brands may be your most valuable asset. Furthermore, if the brands are protected with a registered Trademark, your trademark may be the most important item to salvage when things go wrong. The designer icon Diane Von Furstenberg’s case is very illustrative. Her fashion company is suffering from past administrative mistakes. Now, the pandemic is hitting hard the whole fashion industry. Who needs now a cocktail dress? Her company, DVF LLC had
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