In another effort to make the lives of undocumented immigrants unbearable, the Trump administration, via the Social Security Administration (SSA), has been sending more than 570,000 communications to businesses across the country of the so-called ‘no-match letters”. This actions started in the Spring of 2019, as reported by the New York Times. Read the article here. In a few words, the no-match letter indicates discrepancies between the SSA records and the name of the person
Mientras que las iglesias atienden el bienestar espiritual de los individuos, su relación con el mundo real es más mundana. Legalmente hablando, las iglesias, mezquitas, sinagogas, templos, etc. están estructuradas como corporaciones sin fines de lucro, con todos los privilegios y responsabilidades que esta entidad legal implica. La libertad de religión en los Estados Unidos se expresa de muchas maneras, incluyendo una multitud de variaciones de cultos y formas de adorar, desde las iglesias protestantes
While churches tend to the spiritual well-being of individuals, their relationship with the real world is more mundane.  Legally speaking, churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, etc. are structured as non-profits, with all the privileges and responsibilities this legal entity implies. The freedom of religion in the USA is expressed in many ways, including a multitude of variations of cults and ways to worship from Protestant mainline, and Evangelical churches, Traditional Black Church, to synagogues, mosques, shuls,
Most intellectual property news do not surface to the mainstream media and stay in the realm of niche business and IP news. But periodically, an IP story captures the media’s attention. This is the case of FUCT, a clothing line which is fighting a trademark registration rejection all the way to the Supreme Court. On Monday, April the 15th, 2019, the clothing line accused the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of acting unconstitutionally when denying
Around 500 BCE the government in Sybaris, the ancient city of Magna Graecia, started granting a one-year patent to any citizen for any “new refinement in luxury.” The Greeks, contributors of so many advances in the arts, philosophy, science, and government were the first who thought about and implemented protection for creators, unsuspected initiators of the intellectual property field. This seemed appropriate for the city which was recognized by its refinement and hedonism, to the
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