Con mucha emoción y felicidad les comparto de que estaré nuevamente en Monterrey para el evento INCMTY 2017 que se llevará a cabo del 16 al 18 de Noviembre en la ciudad de Monterrey, Nuevo León en México. Este evento ya va en su quinta edición y me da mucho orgullo el que se me haya invitado por segunda vez consecutiva. Presentaré una plática de cómo aprovechar las coyunturas globales económicas y utilizar una presencia de negocios en Estados Unidos para
In the summer of 2017, a Catholic monk became outraged by famous cosmetic company, L’Oreal, and sued the cosmetics giant for copying his anti-aging patented technology formula which he was selling as a charity to give money to the poor. Dennis Wyrzykowski’s company, Carmel Laboratories LLC, filed the lawsuit with support from University of Massachusetts Medical School, as plaintiffs in the lawsuit. UofM licensed the anti-aging formula to Wyrzykowski’s company. The scientists behind the anti-aging
​Stranger Things happening to Netflix. Recently, a bar in Chicago opened, it called itself “The Upside Down”. As you can imagine the bar sported an atmosphere celebrating the Netflix original show Stranger Things. This venture was unknown to Netflix, and Netflix had given no permission or license to the bar owners.A company or creator has the right to exclude or allow people to use his creations, including brands, names, images, look and feel and more. Check
A lawsuit has been settled in San Francisco over copyright ownership of a “monkey selfie” taken on a photographer’s camera back in 2011 in Sulawesi, Indonesia. PETA,also known as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, filed a lawsuit against the photographer in 2015 for the financial gains of the photo from the monkey, named Naruto, that took the selfie. The “monkey selfie” photo was taken unattended by David Slater, the photographer who owned
When Taylor Ragg made some public postings with the intention to harass an undocumented student in Transylvania University he never thought he would be the trolled at the end.There is a website under his name called but Taylor himself did not create it. The website is intended to  harass Taylor and embarrass him.ICANN, a global non-profit organization, controls all the information about web domains and outsources the registration of websites domain names. What can a
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