Si usted corre el riesgo de ser detenido o deportado por las autoridades migratorias, debe de tomar acciones proactivas para poder lograr de que su familia se encuentre segura, especialmente los menores. Esto involucra el tener documentos relevantes de su familia en un lugar donde puedan echarle mano si el momento de partir llega. Si usted es detenido, alguien tiene que hacerse cargo de sus hijos menores de edad. Tenga una carta poder dando autorización
To maintain the accuracy and integrity of trademark registration, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has announced that foreign-domiciled trademark applicants and parties must hire a US licensed attorney to process the applications and represent them in all trademark matters. Additionally, these US licensed attorneys representing national and international applicants before USPTO must confirm that they are active members in good standing with their bar association and ready to provide their bar information.
Not only commercial enterprises can register trademarks. Cities and other public entities can actually do that. One of the latest cases: The city of Roswell, New Mexico. With a population of 48,411 inhabitants, Roswell is the seat of Chaves County and is world famous for being near to a 1947 alleged UFO crash site. The city UFO and extraterrestrial fame have been elevated by several movies and TV shows and the city attracts tourist thanks
The consumption of cannabis has been decriminalized in many states of the USA, including in conservative-leaning states such as Arizona. Since then, the business environment has been changing. The legalization is opening opportunities for a new industry of cannabis and cannabis-derived products and an important revenue source for local governments. Marijuana consumption is legal for medical use in Arizona thanks to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA), approved November 2, 2010. Now, the United States Patent and
In another effort to make the lives of undocumented immigrants unbearable, the Trump administration, via the Social Security Administration (SSA), has been sending more than 570,000 communications to businesses across the country of the so-called ‘no-match letters”. This actions started in the Spring of 2019, as reported by the New York Times. Read the article here. In a few words, the no-match letter indicates discrepancies between the SSA records, the name of the person and
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