Back in March of 2020, in a rare show of bipartisanship, the US House of Representatives put forward a bill that would make e-commerce companies such as Amazon legally liable for counterfeits sold on its platform, a much-awaited move to stem fake products coming from several countries.  The name of the bill is the Shop Safe Act. As a result of this no so subtle pressure, Amazon is stepping up the battle against counterfeits with the
After fighting for years to gain a path to legalization, immigrant youth got a temporary solution through an administrative process called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in 2012, under the direction of President Obama. But Trump, with his anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic views and a mission to destroy Obama’s legacy, issued an executive order in September 2017 to halt the program in spite of the extensive documentation that asserts the success of the program. Those actions
In December of 2019, with great fanfare, the United States Military announced the creation of a new branch to prepare the country for space warfare and named it Space Force. But there is a little problem: The name Space Force is already a registered trademark by Netflix. Netflix has already registered “Space Force” as a trademark in several international jurisdictions such as Mexico, Australia, and Europe. Usually, leading media companies act fast in securing their
America is opening for business. Trying to avoid an increasing downturn in the economy, many states are allowing businesses to open amidst the COVID19 pandemic. That, despite the fact that some states still are in danger of losing control of the health indicators, not reaching the goals proposed by experts of having at least two weeks of decreased COVID-19 cases. In this confusing climate, what are the business owners’ responsibilities in the midst of this
Tratando de evitar una caída más acentuada de la economía, muchos estados están permitiendo la apertura de negocios en medio de la pandemia del COVID19 en los Estados Unidos. Eso, a pesar de que algunos estados todavía presentan la posibilidad de perder el control de los indicadores de salud, y de que no se ha llegado a las metas propuestas por los expertos de salud de al menos tener dos semanas de descenso en el
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