You have a great product or service. You have created great designs, photos, graphics, or brands. Now you see them in somebody’s else social media, and they are passing them as theirs. You are angry, upset. What can you do?Welcome to the world of online take downs. Most social media sites have procedures in place to help you protect your Intellectual Property. In some cases it may be hidden in the website, but they are
When you are famous, or the child of a famous person, your name can be a precious asset that must be protected.  American and global laws and regulations allow people to register any name, graphic, jingle, color or other sensorial stimuli as a trademark subject to meeting certain criteria. Those registrations must be associated with a specific product or service and not in conflict with other owners. For a singer, that can be an easy
You are excited about your new business. You have great products and people love your service. Most likely the main value of your business will be your company and products brands. Just like a child’s name, you want to pick a brand not only that you will like, but that will convey your business message and that you will be able to protect..The purpose of a trademark is to identify the source of a product or
Entrance at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 2017 Thank you CES 2017, See you soon CES 2018!!! Another CES came and went. As I always say, CES is where you go to peek into the future. Evolution of any kind, be biological, geological or technological, is a slow process. It has taken at least ten years for autonomous cars to be center stage. The technology that makes autonomous driving possible has been around for
You have an idea. Now what? In the United States inventions are covered by patents. The characteristics of the invention will determine the patent type you should apply for. Design patents cover the ornamental, non functional features of a product. A design patent is appropriate for products that are to be commercialized. If it is for a one of a kind creation, like a piece of art, a copyright may be appropriate. Utility patents are
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