​After the birth of their daughter, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s filed an application to register their daughter’s name BLUE IVY as a federal trademark.  This application has been challenged by a LA-based event planning company. The firm argued it was operating under that name for three years before the child was born.There are a number of rules that control whether you can get a name or logo as a trademark. Like most properties, first in place
Un “trust” o fideicomiso es un acuerdo entre individuos u organizaciones en la que una entidad transfiere un bien o derecho de propiedad a otro, con el fin de que lo controle y administre en beneficio de terceras entidades o personas. Los beneficiarios pueden ser otras personas, familiares, organizaciones, o incluso, animales. El beneficiario de un trust tambien puede ser el creador mismo del trust. Dependiendo de cómo se forme, el originador puede cambiar las
He tenido la oportunidad y fortuna de ser invitado a varios eventos y presentaciones, así como entrevistas en radio y en otros medios.Aquí les comparto un programa que hice con Sandra Orozco, de Tecnomundo, en el área de Phoenix. Sandra tiene un programa de radio en internet por medio de su sitio, http://www.soyuniversocreativo.com/Sandra nos invitó a mí y a un amigo, Emmanuel Villaseñor. Emmanuel trabaja en el área de planeación financiera con CalChoice Financial una
One of the things I love about my job is the opportunity to meet people from many backgrounds and help them understand better their creative assets. Back in early March, I had the opportunity to talk at a co-working space in Phoenix called Co-Hoots. The audience was an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurs. My presentation was centered on the basics of Intellectual Property. I used Facebook live to record it and broadcast it. This is the
Stick to your knitting is a lesson that folks at the South by Southwest festival should take at heart and stop freelancing as immigration and deportation officials. Famous Austin’s festival South By Southwest is taking heat for threatening international bands with reporting them to immigration if they play outside the official schedule. South by Southwest is not the only one that feels sometimes the urge to become enforcers of our laws, even if they have
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