Today I want to welcome and thank  Bhavini Mistry for her contribution on what happens when a jury can not achieve a decision. Please enjoy her post below. Bhavini is currently preparing for the LSAT and plans to attend law school next year.Recently famous comedian Bill Cosby has been in the news accused of sexual assault by at least three persons. After being taken to trial, the judge declared it a mistrial due to a hung
A recent an unanimous decision from the Supreme Court ruled that even offensive words or speech can be registered as trademarks in the United States. Trademarks are words, slogans, phrases, logos, graphics, and even sounds that identify in the mind of a consumer the source or origin of the goods, products or services in connection with the trademark.It is settled doctrine in his country that with very limited restrictions, Speech must be as free from
The King of Pop had them, but Prince did not. Juan Gabriel, the Divo South of the Border had several in different jurisdictions. That is wills and trusts. This memorial week may be the beginning of the end as far as the estate of Prince is concerned. The artist who died over a year ago left no will or directions. Not surprisingly a number of recently minted relatives started appearing. So far courts have awarded
​After the birth of their daughter, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s filed an application to register their daughter’s name BLUE IVY as a federal trademark.  This application has been challenged by a LA-based event planning company. The firm argued it was operating under that name for three years before the child was born.There are a number of rules that control whether you can get a name or logo as a trademark. Like most properties, first in place
Un “trust” o fideicomiso es un acuerdo entre individuos u organizaciones en la que una entidad transfiere un bien o derecho de propiedad a otro, con el fin de que lo controle y administre en beneficio de terceras entidades o personas. Los beneficiarios pueden ser otras personas, familiares, organizaciones, o incluso, animales. El beneficiario de un trust tambien puede ser el creador mismo del trust. Dependiendo de cómo se forme, el originador puede cambiar las
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