Copyrights are a type of intellectual property. Copyright law is related to the protection of creative work produced by persons or entities. It could be a book, a movie, a story, a sporting event, music, a song, etc.

Like property, creative work can be registered, licensed. It could be stolen. It should be defended from infringers.

First and foremost, Attorney Marcos can help you register, renew, and enforce your rights. Moreover, he can craft and negotiate licensing agreements.

Additionally, Attorney Marcos can help you with disputes and arbitration.

Experience in Copyrights Piracy and Infringement

Attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta has ample experience with tough copyright and copyright piracy litigation cases. Due to the prevalence of technology, correspondingly, these cases can be complex. Not only Copyright infringement cases may require a good lawyer but also an IP lawyer with a technical background.

In short, we have the right professional for the job. Check Attorney Marcos bio here.

If you have received a letter accusing you of copyright infringement, IP infringement, or piracy, call us at (480) 324-6378. We will analyze and assess your situation. Attorney Marcos will present you with all your options, including litigation and/or settlement.

Attorney Marcos  is committed to bringing you and your company a solution that makes business sense.

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