You need to protect yourself or your business against piracy litigation. Or perhaps, your business wants to stop somebody from taking advantage of your copyright material. In each of those situations, not only Attorney Marcos is ready to help, but also you can rely on him.

Attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta has experience fighting the toughest lawsuits. He pairs his law knowledge with a deep understanding of technology, cable, satellite, and the internet. Remember, he is a lawyer and engineer. He is a former corporate manager from the high-tech industry.

First, Attorney Marcos can map for you a course of action that makes the best business sense. He can deal with complex issues and details related to technology. Finally, he has all the knowledge to litigate in Federal Court. His business expertise makes him good at negotiating settlements. He is all about making business sense.

Additionally, as part of our commitment, we educate the overall community on issues of piracy.

Contact us for a free consultation with Attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta at (480) 324-6378.

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