Higher Fees for Trademarks, Other Services in 2021

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will implement new fees in many of its services, including the filing of Trademarks. The new fees start on January 2nd, 2021.

This means that you still have a window of opportunity to pay for trademarks at 2020 prices.

“There have been several years without any increase in fees. The new fee increases are not a total surprise”, said trademark and business attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta. “The work of the trademark examiners is pretty in-depth, There are costs associated with their efforts”.

“It is important to note that USPTO is the only US government agency that is self-sustaining. Besides, the agency is very customer service driven, since the examiners help applicants to resolve their issues”, said attorney Marcos.

Besides balancing the USPTO budget, the new fees also streamline the applications by encouraging the use of options the USPTO makes available in their system. By using the classifications on the system, the applicants avoid possible problems and future conflicts.

“Is important to underscore trademarks and other intellectual property protection should be understood as an investment. It can help you solidify your brand recognition. Trademarks can propel certain businesses to other ventures such as licensing agreements and franchising”, added attorney Marcos.

Other services affected by the increased fees are renewals, litigation, disputes, opposition, etc.

“Finally, you should not procrastinate with the protection of your intellectual property”, said attorney Marcos. “It can result in a costly mistake that you will regret”.

If you are ready to file a trademark application or renewal at 2020 prices, call us at (480) 324-6378. Attorney Marcos will be answering your questions. He offers free 15 minutes consultations during the Holidays.

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