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E-Mail Communications

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Legal Work Terms and Conditions

SCOPE:  Client or Represented hires Firm to represent the client. Representation is expected to start upon signing of this agreement by Client and shall stop when a court makes a final decision on the case.

The client agrees to provide all necessary information and documentation to facilitate the preparation of the petition including but not limited to letters of support, letters of recommendation, personal information about the represented, and more.

Specific services to be delivered include but are not limited to: communication with opposing party, review of case documents, review of motions submitted by opposing party, ongoing negotiations with opposing party, drafting, and editing of agreements.

Specifically, this agreement does not cover ongoing court appearances, any needed court appearance shall be billed as a separate service.

FLAT FEE: For clarity and expediency, most of our work is done by charging flar fees. This fee is earned-on-receipt, and will not be deposited into our client trust account. Partial payments can be made toward the total fee. Partial payments shall be for partial work done during the proceedings.

COSTS AND EXPENSES: You agree to pay for all actual out-of-pocket costs and expenses we incur on your behalf.

Typical costs and expenses include filing fees, service of process, depositions, expert witness fees, travel costs and expenses, long-distance telephone calls, outgoing fax, Federal Express, courier services, and delivery charges, photocopying, wire transfers, and online database retrieval charges among others.

We may elect to cover certain out-of-pocket costs and expenses on your behalf, but we reserve the right to seek reimbursement from you. You agree to reimburse us for such out-of-pocket costs and expenses. We will not incur costs and expenses in excess of $_50_on your behalf without first obtaining your consent.

TERMINATION OF REPRESENTATION AND POST-REPRESENTATION MATTERS: Either party may terminate the representation at any time, subject to our obligations under the Rules of Professional Conduct and the approval of the court if the matter is in a court.

Unless previously terminated, our representation will terminate upon completion of the legal services described in this agreement, specifically the filing of all pre-trial and pre-discovery documents and motions, short from trial and trial preparation.

You understand we have no continuing obligation to represent you unless you retain us to provide additional advice or services. Specifically, this service agreement does not involve any further negotiations or communications with the other party or his attorney on an ongoing basis.

You agree and allow the firm to submit a motion for withdrawal at the Firm’s discretion upon completion of the services outlined in this agreement. Any further services rendered shall be billed at the current rates.

REFUND: If you terminate the representation before we have provided all legal services described in this agreement, you may be entitled to a refund of all or part of the flat fee based on the value of the legal services performed prior to termination.

The Firm will bill you any work done at a rate no less than $350 per hour, counted in increments of 15 minutes.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: We cannot effectively represent you without your cooperation and assistance. You agree to cooperate fully with us and to promptly provide all information known or available to you that is relevant to our representation. 

Your obligations include timely providing requested information and documents, assisting in discovery, disclosure and trial preparation, cooperating in scheduling and related matters, responding timely to telephone calls and correspondence, and informing us of changes in your address, telephone numbers and e-mail address. 

It is important that you retain all communications from and to us, including e-mails and attachments to e-mails. You also agree for us to communicate with you with regards to this matter or other matters of interest to you via the different means of communications available, including but not limited to phone call, text, regular mail, email, Facebook messenger, and any other electronic means in existence or invented in the future.

You agree that not all means of communication provide the same level of security, encryption, and safety, and you hereby waive any requirements to provide any level of secure communication.

You also agree that all material needed to submit a motion or response to the court MUST be available at the firm disposal directly or through any of its third parties no later than two weeks before any hearing or deadline.

SETTLEMENTS AND AGREEMENTS: Due to the nature of Legal Proceedings you agree to authorize the Firm to accept any reasonable offer made by the court or other party, you also agree not to refuse any reasonable offer from the other party. Unreasonable refusal of offers shall be grounds for withdrawing of representation by the Firm and/or extra-charges at current rates.

DISBURSEMENTS:  The Ethical Rules place certain limitations upon the disbursement of funds from client trust accounts. In some cases, this may require us to wait 10 business days after depositing a financial instrument before disbursing the funds to you or a third party.

DOCUMENT RETENTION: At the end of the representation, we will turn over the hard copy or electronic version of the file to you. If you do not want the file, you agree the file may be destroyed in accordance with our document retention policy. Currently, it is our policy to destroy files two years after the termination of the representation.

ARBITRATION OF FEE DISPUTES: If a dispute arises between you and us regarding our fees or performance of this agreement, the parties agree to resolve that dispute through the State Bar’s Fee Arbitration Program.  Either party may initiate fee arbitration by contacting the State Bar’s Fee Arbitration Coordinator at 602.340.7379.

If either party is dissatisfied with an arbitration each agrees to allow the other to bring any lawsuit in a court of proper jurisdiction in the State of Arizona, County of Maricopa, using law and procedures of the State of Arizona.

You agree that in no event your recovery shall exceed the amount you have already paid for these services, and you agree to pay any legal fees associated with any dispute arising from this agreement.

NO ADVICE REGARDING THIS FEE AGREEMENT: We are not acting as your counsel with respect to this agreement. If you wish to be advised on whether you should enter into this agreement, we recommend you consult with independent counsel of your choice. 

CONTRACTING PARTIES: You hereby represent that you are a valid party entering into this contract on behalf of the represented and provides proper authorization to the Firm to contact other necessary parties in order to collect all necessary information to prepare the representation.

From time to time Firm will use third parties that are independent contractors working on behalf of the firm to secure and collect information, as well as other office and accounting tasks such as collecting payments, reminding of hearings, and such. You agree to collaborate with these third parties in all stages of your process. 


You agree and understand the delicate nature of your case. You also agree that the outcome of a legal proceeding is contingent to many factors, such as national political situation, criminal history of parties, specific judges and parties backgrounds, and more.

You also understand and agree that nobody associated with the Firm (directly or through third parties) has made any representations, promised, or guaranteed any specific outcome.

You also understand and agree that an unsatisfactory decision by the court is a high possibility. You also understand and agree that the goal of the court is to render a decision based on the laws of the state, regardless of the fault of any party.

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