Life After Prison: O. J. Simpson’s parole

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OJ Simpson, the famous football player who spent a nine year prison sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery in Las Vegas in 2007, was granted parole for his good behavior in prison. Parole is the temporary release of a prisoner to finish their sentence in the community because they have been rehabilitated. OJ had asked for parole a few years back, but finally in July 2017 after a wall to wall media coverage of his parole hearing, he was granted relief. However, there are some common conditions for those who are given parole. Parole conditions include not violating the law including no possession of guns, report regularly with parole officer, living in a designated area, ask permission to move to a new residence, random drug testing, consent to searches of person, home, and vehicle, and employment at a legitimate job. For OJ’s parole
sentence, Nevada prohibits him from drinking alcohol as well as no drugs unless prescribed, no weapon possession, and writing monthly reports to his parole officer. Also, since OJ is seventy years old, he is officially retired and so, can only gain income from Simpson’s NFL football pension of twenty-five thousand on a monthly basis which the victims’ families cannot touch. In addition to that, he “receives money from a private pension and the Screen Actors Guild”.  OJ plans are to move to Florida to be close to his family. He will initially live with his old friend Tom Scotto. In prison OJ stayed busy coaching and mentoring other prisoners. In the parole hearings even his former victim of the 2007 case, and also long time friend, testified in OJ’s behalf.
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