OJ Simpsons and his problems in the 90s

Another contribution of Bhavini Mistry, thank her for her work.
Throughout the nineties, #OJSimpson gained worldwide attention for being charged for the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Nicole’s friend Ron Goldman which occurred at his home in California.
In the end there were two cases that referred to this crime. First, was the criminal case of the murders where OJ Simpson was found “not guilty” and acquitted of murder charges. Despite strong physical evidence, it was an unanimous jury with a twelve to zero vote. In the criminal case the jury had to determine if Simpson committed these murders “beyond a reasonable doubt” which meant all twelve had to convict him, not a majority vote.
Two years after the criminal trial, both the victims’ families, Brown and Goldman, filed a civil suit against OJ Simpson to have Simpson compensate for the damages
the families endured for losing their loved ones. The differences with this trial compared to the criminal trial are that only nine of the twelve of the jurors need to agree on a verdict if Simpson was responsible for committing these murders. Also, in the civil trial, Simpson was required to testify where in the criminal case Simpson had the right to refuse to testify. Another factor in Simpson’s civil trial is that the judge, jury, and lawyers were new to the case and not the same ones from his criminal case two years before. The result was that Simpson was held responsible for the murders and has to pay 33.5 million dollars as payout. The money isn’t
given to the families but as a payment to the court. There was an issue with OJ paying this as he claimed to be broke and was already 850 thousand dollars in debt. So, the victims’ families sought for his other assets and auctioned them to compensate for this judgment even though they didn’t believe he was broke since he still had his luxury cars, mansion, and house servants. These contradicting verdicts of OJ Simpson’s charges were due to his inability to refuse to testify in civil court which displayed his abusive relationship with Nicole, false statements, and no credible alibis.
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