Roswell, New Mexico, Trademarks a New Logo

Not only commercial enterprises can register trademarks. Cities and other public entities can actually do that.

One of the latest cases: The city of Roswell, New Mexico.

With a population of 48,411 inhabitants, Roswell is the seat of Chaves County and is world famous for being near to a 1947 alleged UFO crash site.

The city UFO and extraterrestrial fame have been elevated by several movies and TV shows and the city attracts tourist thanks to these alien stories.

Roswell has an annual extraterrestrial festival that draws thousands of sci-fi enthusiasts.

Now, the city has trademarked and has exclusive rights to a new city logo with an “R” featuring the silhouette of a UFO. City officials say that in keeping to the city’s branding efforts, Roswell businesses can use the logo to promote themselves as affiliated with the city, such as decals for the store windows or printed in receipts.

Other uses will have to be under the city’s permission, so there is not unauthorized profit out of the logo.

Additionally, the logo should not be altered.

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