The Hush Money That Didn’t Keep Stormy Daniels’ Mouth Shut

Scandal after scandal, Donald Trump continues to take the news spotlight, putting into questions his fitness for holding office. The latest scandal, at least as of March 2018,  involved an adult actress, Stormy Daniels (her site is not suitable for minors or office viewing), as she tries to fight her way out of the 2016 $130,000 hush money contract from President Trump and his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Daniels claims to have had unprotected sex with President Trump at a golf tournament in 2006, but was offered a hush money contract in 2016, before the Presidential election, to keep information on the affair private. Cohen claims that the $130,000 payment was his own personal expense and that President Trump had no part in the exchange. The partially signed contracts say otherwise. According to Stormy the president likes spanking and the agreement covers the possibility of a pregnancy.
Cohen is currently working to get the case moved to federal court, where Daniels may face a charge of $20 million for violating their non-disclosure agreement. Daniels is fighting to prove that the agreement with Trump and Essential Consultants LLC was never actually binding because Trump didn’t sign the documents. Further, the name that was supposed to be Donald Trump’s reads David Dennison, one of the many pseudonyms Trump has used over the years to hide his identity. Stormy is prepared for a long and hard battle in court. She has already given an interview to 60 minutes and her attorney Michael Avenatti is a regular in the cable news circuit. Finally, in a strange twist of Karma, Michael Cohen, personal attorney for Trump had his house and office raided by the FBI. Michael Cohen also had to release to the court that Sean Hannity, a Trump cult leader, is also one of Cohen’s clients. And he also had a top GOP donor as a client, helping him to pay hush money to a woman who got pregnant by the family values politician in order for her to have an abortion. As the ancient chines curse would say, we are indeed living in interesting times.
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