Trademarks are recognizable signs, designs, or expressions distinctive of your products or services. This type of Intellectual Property should be treated as physical property: you can create, register, sell, license it, pass it on to your heirs, etc.

Many times, TRADEMARKS ARE THE COMPANY’S MOST VALUABLE ASSET, since buying a brand many times brings reactions on consumers such as the feeling of prestige, trust, quality, etc. Think about all the well-known brands and all the feelings and ideas they create for consumers.

Protecting a brand through a trademark is not only for big, multinational corporations. There is an incredible value in small business branding and trademarks. Moreover, business owners must avoid possible disputes for trademark ownership and infringement.

From Branding to Trademark

Creating a brand does not warrant ownership. Only brand registration at the federal level protects your brand, name, or logo against claims. Therefore, investing in trademark registration is a smart move for all with these intangible assets. Even equally important is the selection of a competent attorney that can guide you in the process.

Attorney Marcos Has Filed Thousands of Trademarks

Attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta can assist you in the early stages of creating a trademark for a product or service, including in-depth research.

Attorney Marcos has experience filing thousands of trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and internationally, in different jurisdictions such as Mexico, the European Union, etc.

We can answer any office actions issued by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Additionally, you can reach us to renew, modify and fix any existing trademark.

Attorney Marcos can also monitor the trademark and defend it from trademark infringers.

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Contact us at (480) 324-6378 to learn how we can help you file and protect your trademarks. Attorney Marcos can help you protect your trademarks and/or transform a brand into a Trademark (R)

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